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In or about 1946, just after the war, this firm commenced practice under its present name. Prior to that, Messrs Maxwell & Kenion practiced separately from Messrs Cowdy & Jones since 1906. Hence, for all intents and purposes, this firm has been in existence for a period in Excess of 100 years


Arthur Noel Kenion and John Lowe Woods were interned in Changi Prison. While in Changi, A.N. Kenion and J,L. Woods entered into partnership and agreed that the survivor of the two should take over the other's firm. A.N. Kenion was gravely ill ...

Practice Area

• General Common Law Litigation
Insurance Law
• Commercial Litigation
• Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law
& more

Our Team

 Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds with a range of business and practical experiences as well as varying personal and professional interests. We have one common goal that is servicing tireless to our clients. 
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